"My participation in Bria's group coaching program helped me reignite my passion for being a social media influencer. Through the program, Bria and my fellow participants challenged me to create an action plan to action my dream.  I've launched my own business, am honing my skills as a photographer and am being reposted by the places I'm featuring!"  

-Jackie G

The Jackie Look

"Life coach sessions have been essential to my drive to become a better me.  Participated in group coaching session series and Bria's coaching techniques were very informative and inspiring.  If someone is looking to take certain aspects of their life to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Bria Sullivan's coaching services.  Truly a blessing!

-Derrick Sykes

"I experienced Bria's vision board workshop in 2016, and the vision board I created is changing my life!  I am so grateful for her!"

-Diana Schutt

Coaching by Diana

Feedback from Complimentary Coaching Sessions:

"It felt like for the first time, someone knew what I wanted, and held my feet to the fire."

"I felt more clarity"

"I felt a release - I told Bria something that I hadn't shared with anyone."

"I felt challenged.  I felt like I was being held accountable."

"I felt like I was talking to a friend.  Bria was very easy to connect with.  I felt heard.  I felt like I could share anything.  I felt like she valued what I said."

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